He Knew, and He Did Nothing

As the Sheriff Department’s costliest sexual discrimination scandal was underway, Milo Fitch was one of the supervisors who knew, reviewed evidence, and did nothing to stop any of it.  Upholding the Code of Silence, Milo Fitch lacked the courage to stand up and do the right thing to protect the plaintiffs in what would soon become the County’s costliest discrimination lawsuit that cost Sacramento Taxpayers more than $10.4 million in damages and attorneys fees.

“The Cabinet of Ten”

How Mayor Steinberg hatched a plan to create his political minion of ten local politicians (City Council, Asm. Kevin McCarty, and others), who would then hand-pick, endorse, and promote democrat candidates for Sheriff.  Nothing wrong with that, but Milo Fitch was their third pick.  As a third-string player, the unlikely Fitch wasn’t looked into too deeply by The Cabinet of Ten, who completely missed all of his damaging baggage.  There are plenty of deputies who are willing to share stories about their time with Fitch.  But a quick look at those deputies within Milo’s closest circle reveals one was expelled from the Department for his role in a real estate scandal, another was convicted for theft of Bingo hall money, and yet another colleague in jailhouse beat-downs who was finally terminated because while out on patrol a suspect he took from the scene of the crime in his patrol car was later found beaten and passed out in an empty field.  Willing to promote a democrat at all costs to advance his dream, Mayor Steinberg is willing to overlook Milo Fitch’s shortfalls.

Fitch Lies to Audience, Get’s Contradicted by his Wife

On Tuesday April 17th, during a democratic gathering New Helvetia Brewing, Milo Fitch was asked about his involvement with RCCC in approving an inmate enrollment into the Ascend Program (run by local Attorney Christine Morse Galves).  The program accepted 165 inmates at a cost of $1200 each.  Fitch told a local resident “You’re misinformed.  You didn’t do your research right.  I had nothing to do with that.  That was Scott Jones.”  Then, when pressed further on the matter, Fitch’s wife (Christine Morse Fitch), piped up to explain “Yes, Scott Jones vetted it, but I had to go to Milo because Jones didn’t know what he was doing,” and completely contradicted the lie Milo Fitch just told.  Soon after Milo approved the $198,000 contract, he began dating and eventually married Christine Morse (Fitch).

Fitch Campaign Slams All White Men in Rant

What we don’t need is more white men being cops“, said Fitch’s campaign representative at the Arden Arcade candidates forum on Saturday, April 14th.  The “progressives” (socialists) applauded.  The racists applauded.  Everyone else said “WTF!”  But, since that campaign representative is also Milo Fitch’s wife, she would be the expert on how unnecessary Milo Fitch really is.  After all, wouldn’t he, as a “white man”, be a “cop” if elected as Sheriff?  With the Fitch Campaign’s foolish comment, Fitch (who hopes to become the “boss” as Sheriff) just publicly expressed his personal bias in promoting unfair labor practices by excluding “white men” from being hired.  That sort of short sighted, immature, and foolish rhetoric is precisely what has contributed to the ongoing “culture” of abuse within the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department, and ongoing lawsuits that cost taxpayers millions each year.  Based upon his rhetoric so far, Milo Fitch is clearly the wrong person fro the job of Sheriff.  Sacramento taxpayers deserve better from our elected officials.  We don’t need more half-cocked hot-heads running the department, putting their foot in their mouth and saying stupid things.

Forced to Retire?

Or… strongly encouraged while under investigation.  While letting his ‘personal’ interests in a female vendor at RCCC jail get in the way of better judgment, Milo Fitch suddenly retired in 2014.  Called “pillow gate”, Fitch allegedly used his managerial influence in the Sheriff’s jail to get his female ‘friend’ special treatment as a vendor, giving her a county contract worth triple what fair market value was.  He later married her the vendor.  Fitch claims he did nothing wrong, and walked away from his high-paying management job because he was uncomfortable with having his relationship and official decisions investigated.

The Bachelor Party

Bill Clinton had his cigars, and apparently Milo Fitch had his Department baton.  She was known in Sacramento law enforcement circles as the “Star of the North”, for her extensive prostitution services at Sacramento City police officers bachelor parties.  But, not to be outdone, deputies report Milo Fitch also had her at his own bachelor party.

After the baton show, “Star” was passed around to deputies who were in attendance.  Not surprisingly, that marriage didn’t last for Milo.

“Toughest Jail in the Nation”

It was the speech supervisor Milo Fitch gave to each incoming group of inmates at Rio Consumnes Correctional Center (RCCC), just before one inmate was randomly chosen by an officer and beaten by several officers as an example.  Many lawsuits proved the abuses and other civil rights violations under the command of Milo Fitch.  What did Fitch do to stop any of it?

Hung an Inmate in Effigy

During the MacKenzie era of inmate beatdowns at RCCC, Milo Fitch hung a mannequin of an inmate in effigy by the neck, for all inmates to see on a daily basis.  The hanging “this could be you” symbol served as a constant reminder that any inmate could be found hung in his cell, and nobody would be there to tell any story other than the deputies who controlled the jail.

“Culture” of Abuse

In the 2016 Hagadorn v. Sacramento Sheriff case, Undersheriff Erik Maness was proven to have had inappropriate relations at work with married subordinate female deputies.  With his supervisor’s approval, Maness got his girlfriends department mobile phones and take-home department vehicles (so they could have their “relations” while parked out in the community).  The jury called the years of proven misconduct on every level of management a “culture” of retaliation and abuse.  Guess who was the direct supervisor of Maness and signed off on the mobile phones and vehicles?  That’s right… Milo Fitch.  (Sacramento Superior Court Case No. 34-2010-00091514)


The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department needs a complete leadership overhaul, beginning with who is elected as Sheriff.  It is going to take someone from the outside to come in and clean up the department.  An insider, who has been part of the problem, can never be expected to bring about the changes necessary to bring forth the integrity, transparency, and equality to the Department that Sacramento taxpayers deserve.